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The 360° World Atlas online software program is the world’s first interactive Virtual Reality atlas. One disc features over 1,500 360° Virtual Tours from around the world!

Our easy-to-use software allows a viewer to explore the world by continent, and then zoom in by country or region. Our specially designed maps are linked to Virtual Tours. One click will take you to a revolving Virtual Reality image - a 360° view of that destination. Clearly written historic and geographic information complements each tour.

Everen T. Brown, 360° World Atlas inventor and photographer, shares travel tips and his Explorer’s Journal, putting a "face on a place." The goal of the 360° World Atlas is to make the dots on a map come alive and strange-sounding place names familiar.

Additional features include Hot spots that will deliver more in-depth information, and bonus audio and video clips to enhance your experience. Our interactive Virtual Passport will help you keep track of the countries you visit. The Global Scavenger Hunt section is designed to expand children’s knowledge of the world. We have even added music soundtracks to make your journey more enjoyable!

The 360° World Atlas puts the world at your fingertips!

Launch date is in 2019. Sign up on our email list and be one of the first to be notified, so you can start traveling the world without jet lag!

The world awaits!


The 360° World Atlas includes All of these Amazing Features...

  • All 7 Continents – North & South Poles
  • Maps of Every Country – Flags of Every Country
  • Complete with Reference Information & Hotspots to Interpret Your Experience
  • Children’s Global Scavenger Hunt
  • Interactive Passport to Track Your Virtual Visits
  • Travel Secrets – Things to Know if You Go!
  • Explorer’s Journal – Adventure Narrative
  • World Music to Enhance Your Journey
  • Plus Bonus Video & Audio Clips of Exclusive Global Experiences!
  • 1,500+ Virtual Tours of the World’s Wonders


The photos are captured on 35mm film. The negative is then scanned to create a digital image. The two ends are sewn together through Virtual Reality software to create the images featured in the 360° World Atlas.

The photos are taken with a Globuscope camera, a unique spring-driven device, which rotates on a vertical axis, exposing the film as it spins. The result is a photo without seams or edges (a common problem with traditional panoramic methods).

Yes. Everen T. Brown has traveled the world (over a million miles!) to obtain each photo in the 360° World Atlas.

A VR refers to a Virtual Reality image that revolves in a complete 360-degree circle. They can also be called VR Tours, as they give you a complete 360-degree view of a location.

A Hot Spot highlights important features and landmarks within an image. By clicking on the hot-spot button, you will be able to go directly to important features and learn more. For example, a VR of a large mountain might contain a hot spot. Clicking on it would reveal the name of the mountain as well as its height. Up to five hot spots can be found within an image

The 360° World Atlas allows any child or adult to view a place as if he or she were there. Each Virtual Tour image is interpreted with historic and geographic information. Prominent landmarks are highlighted with hot spots for added interactivity and information. These features, combined with Everen T. Brown’s Explorer’s Journal and travel tips create an experience — not just a picture — of the place. Users can also create a Virtual Passport to keep track of the images they have viewed and also go on a Global Scavenger Hunt, adding extra knowledge through their experience.

Each photo has been personally screened for both relevance and content. This assures you receive a product that is suitable for a child or adult of any age.

No, our atlas consists of software on a DVD (digital video disc). There are plenty of excellent books on the market; however, our digital format offers a Virtual Reality experience you cannot get from a book.


No, at this time the 360° World Atlas is only offered in English.

Yes. We take every precaution to keep everything confidential.

Once the 360° World Atlas is released, your order will be processed immediately and sent via First Class U.S. Mail. Average delivery time will be less than one week. Rush shipping options are also available.

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EXPOSURE 360° - The Making of the 360° World Atlas

Explore the world of 360°photography with Everen T. Brown, on an around-the-world journey, as he puts finishing touches on the first interactive 360° World Atlas. Everen has traveled over one million miles, covering all seven continents and both poles to create software that will revolutionize the way we see the world. Learn about the amazing Globuscope panoramic camera and its role in his unique project.

Then join Everen on a global journey, circumnavigating Planet Earth, capturing images along the way. Dramatic scenery unfolds from eight countries. Halong Bay in Vietnam, the Taj Mahal in India, and the green coastline of Northern Ireland are a few of the stops you will enjoy on this video adventure.

Everen's library contains over 100,000 360° images — a unique view of today’s world. The video explores his quest to preserve these images, which will allow future generations the opportunity to "time travel."

This 76-minute documentary is included with each copy of the 360° World Atlas.