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KSL-TV NEWS Dec. 2009 – Reported by John Hollenhorst
Brown has developed an electronic world atlas that gives armchair travelers a virtual tour of the Earth, in the round. It's main feature is a catalog of panoramic photos he's taken while crisscrossing the globe, visiting some of Earth's most exotic and scenic places.
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This brand-new DVD atlas features image-based tours by the travel photographer Everen T. Brown, taken with a now discontinued Globuscope camera that rotates through a full circle to create a panoramic 360-degree image. The DVD contains over 1,200 tours, searchable by continent, country and region, and is supplemented with historic and geographic information. You can even use the Interactive Passport to track countries you’ve already visited when your own travel journal just won’t cut it.

DISCOVER MAGAZINESept. 2008 – from “Around the World in 360 Degrees by Boonsri Dickinson”
The 360° World Atlas DVD lets anyone with a computer become a virtual hitchhiker, no packing or neck-craning required. Creator Everen Brown does all of the hard work for you. He jets around the globe, lugging a 40-pound bag full of 600 rolls of film past airport security, and picks a picture-worthy spot. Then he takes one of the world’s last Globuscope rotational cameras (no longer in production), holds it over his head (sometimes he lies on his stomach), and waits (sometimes for hours) for the right shot. When he sees it, snapping the picture takes only a second. The lens rotates full circle, so you get to see what’s across from the Taj Mahal’s minarets too. Once Brown develops the film, he embeds the images into an interactive atlas that shows off head-turning views, panorama style.

POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY – Sept. 2008 from “Whirled Tour by John Owens”
While most photographers can shoot from the edge of a scene, the Globuscope requires, as Brown puts it, “total immersion.” He goes into the Grand Canyon. Into Peru’s Machu Picchu. Into the heart of Britain’s Stonehenge. “I am always looking for that center spot,” he says. “I have to get into the middle of the action.”

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ADVENTURE MAGAZINE – April 2008 from “Around the World – A Traveler’s Digital Atlas of Obsession by Ryan Bradley”
Unlike the grainy, fish-eye shots offered by Google Maps’ Streetview feature, Brown’s vision is more discerning – and much farther flung. The 360° World Atlas contains 1,200 of his finest panoramas, looking beyond London, Paris and Rome to include the likes of Kamchatka, Timbuktu, and Yankich Island – a stormy primordial slab of rock north of Japan and south of Russia that Brown calls “heaven on Earth.” His affinity for such unusual places is what first inspired this project and has since helped him turn his travels from a hobby into a full-time obsession.

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