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EXPOSURE 360° - The Making of the 360° World Atlas

Explore the world of 360°photography with Everen T. Brown, on an around-the-world journey, as he puts finishing touches on the first interactive 360° World Atlas. Everen has traveled over one million miles, covering all seven continents and both poles to create software that will revolutionize the way we see the world. Learn about the amazing Globuscope panoramic camera and its role in his unique project.

Then join Everen on a global journey, circumnavigating Planet Earth, capturing images along the way. Dramatic scenery unfolds from eight countries. Halong Bay in Vietnam, the Taj Mahal in India, and the green coastline of Northern Ireland are a few of the stops you will enjoy on this video adventure.

Everen’s library contains over 100,000 360° images — a unique view of today’s world. The video explores his quest to preserve these images, which will allow future generations the opportunity to “time travel.”

This 76-minute documentary is included with each copy of the 360° World Atlas.

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