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Everen T. Brown’s mission statement is simple: “Everen T. Brown photographs all that he sees, for life is meant to be lived in 360 degrees.” Everen’s travels have taken him over one million and a half miles — to all seven continents and both poles. In the process, he has created the world’s largest collection of 360° images.

His VR Images (for virtual reality) have been featured in Microsoft’s Encarta Encyclopedia, on the Expedia website, and in the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia. His print images have appeared in a variety of magazines worldwide and in selected exhibitions. He is the photographer and author of four books highlighting his unique imagery, Panoramic World, Circumnavigation Antarctica, History’s Lost Cities, and 7-360°. His work was featured prominently in the book and on the cover of Stretch: The World of Panoramic Photography by Nick Meers.

Named by the International Association of Panoramic Photographers as “Member of the Year,” he has also won awards for his images, most in the landscape category. The American Red Cross honored him for his work on the World Trade Center Panoramic Poster Project, which raised funds for the survivors of 9/11.

The 360° World Atlas is his dream project, utilizing his best images from his travels all in a single collection!

You follow Everen on his 360° Blog.

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