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360 World Atlas - Antarctica Edition
Learn more about the Antarctic Edition
Learn more about the Antarctic Edition

360° World Atlas is proud to present the ANTARCTIC EDITION. This special edition software covers one of my favorite destinations on planet earth, Antarctica. It's the coldest, windiest, driest place on earth, teeming with wildlife and home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. From South Georgia Island with its 50,000 breeding pairs of King Penguins to the historic huts of Cape Evans, this DVD software will take you on a wild ride to the wild side of the white continent - Antarctica. It will feature a complete version of all of the Virtual Tours contained in the final copy of the 360° World Atlas. Nothing will be left out!


About the 360 World Atlas Project

Introducing the 360° World Atlas DVD Software program. One Disc featuring over 1,500 Virtual Tours from Around the World. Wander through Antarctica exploring penguin rookeries, then off to Easter island to stand in awe at the base of the giant Moai statues. Or perhaps a visit to the Lost City of Incas – Machu Picchu, each stop is at the click our your computer mouse! Launch date is in 2011. We invite you to Join the Journey!

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